Subsets model(s) from an existing object of class bayesmanecfit

pull_out(manec, model, loo_controls, ...)



An object of class bayesmanecfit as returned by bnec.


A character string indicating which model or suite of models to pull out.


A named list of two elements ("fitting" and/or "weights"), each being a named list containing the desired arguments to be passed on to loo (via "fitting") or to loo_model_weights (via "weights"). If "fitting" is provided with argument pointwise = TRUE (due to memory issues) and family = "beta_binomial2", the bnec will fail because that is a custom family. If "weights" is not provided by the user, bnec will set the default method argument in loo_model_weights to "pseudobma". See ?loo_model_weights for further info.


Additional arguments to expand_nec or expand_manec.


If model is a string representing a single model, an object of class bayesnecfit; If model is instead a string depicting a suite of models, and object of class bayesmanecfit.

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if (FALSE) {
nec4param <- pull_out(manec_example, model = "nec4param")
# use "ecx" to get all ECx-containing models
# (only one ["ecx4param"] in this minimal example)
ecx_models <- pull_out(manec_example, model = "ecx")