bayesnec 2.0.2 2021-10-17

  • Fixed CRAN bugs related to testthat (cfe9f20).

  • Changed decline detection behaviour in function check_data (c2744e3).

bayesnec 2.0.1 2021-09-20

  • Addition of herbicide data (2b13ef5).

  • streamlined check_* functions for negative predictors vectors – no error anymore (via check_data), now drop models with informative message (via check_models) (f134311).

bayesnec 2.0 2021-09-16

bayesnec 1.1.0 Unreleased

  • Added brms::bernoulli to the list of allowed model distributions (7606461).

  • Made identity the default link (6640867).

  • Added more controls and tweaks to checking model relative to input data (85a3819), 065a445).

  • Added formula and model.frame methods to main classes (9df4a64).

  • Upgraded ggbnec to autoplot as bayesnec standard ggplot2 plotting method (65fe15f).

  • Enhanced handling of argument loo_controls in bnec to allow argument for both brms::add_criterion and loo::loo_model_weights (9712fcc).

  • Added Bayesian R^2^ to summary (9a71a3c).

  • Expanded bnec’s capacity to accept input x and y vectors, data frames (f256b39) and formulas (32e74ac).

  • Corrected error for logit link cases for the beta_binomial2 where data contain 0 and 1 to ensure appropriate prior values on top and bot (4158237).

  • Series of internal fixes to standardise function class outputs (81369bb, 1c70efe, 5bce2b5, 455ca70, 5e6b41e).

bayesnec 1.0.1 2021-07-02

  • If link functions are not specified in bnec, then the default link function is used; previous versions of bayesnec used the identity link.

  • An additional family has been added betabinomial2 for over dispersered binomial data.

  • The package supports using link functions for generalized modelling, which appears to be more stable and is also in line with more typical generalised modelling approaches.

  • There are multiple options for model weights calculation from the loo package. The default is “pseudobma BB”.

  • There is now a compare_posterior function that also includes a bootstrapping procedure. This can be used to compare model fits across different datasets, or even different model sets for the same dataset (ie nec v ecx models). Please see the vignette for examples of usage.

  • There is a vignette detailing the models available in bayesnec. Note that not all models are suitable for all families, and also depending if link functions are used.

  • A new check_chains function has been added to allow chain plotting in base R and that works more smoothly with plotting chains for multiple fits for bayesmanec objects.