AIMS Data Platform API

The Austrlian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) provides the AIMS Data Platform API for access to AIMS data.

Available Data Sets

The AIMS Data Platform API is a REST API providing JSON formatted data. The AIMS Data Platform API should be queried using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the desired dataset. At this time available datasets are:

Dataset DOI Metadata
Weather 10.25845/5c09bf93f315d Metadata
Temperature Loggers 10.25845/5b4eb0f9bb848 Metadata

AIMS Data Platform API Key

AIMS Data Platform API requires an API Key for requests to succeed. The API Key should be added to every HTTP request as an x-api-key header, keys can be obtained from the key request page.

Example of the x-api-key header using curl:

curl -H "x-api-key: xxxxx" ""

REST API Documentation

Detailed information about the AIMS Data Platform API urls and formats can be found in the Swagger documentation for the appropriate project.

Dataset Documentation
Temperature Loggers

Available Clients

At this time there is only one client specifically made for AIMS Data Platform API however any REST client will work.

Platform Client
R AIMS Data Platform R Client